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A greeting card is a gift


A greeting card is considered to be a gift by many recipients, especially if the sender has made an effort at making the card extra special. For example, the sender may have handmade the greeting card or may have used uncoated paper to write a message. Generally, most people who receive a greeting card treat it very differently compared to other mail or cards. Often the recipient will try and guess who the card is from, and gently open it without causing rips or tears. Once opened the card is treated with care and in most cases, it is preserved- just like a gift.

To make greeting cards extra special some senders may have created a popup, collage of a recent vacation, or may have sent in a plantable greeting card, which can turn into a flower.

And because the greeting card is considered to be a gift it is often placed on the mantle or top of the living room where everyone can see who it is from- if there is one universal feature of greeting cards- it can bring joy and a smile in most people.

What most people do not understand is that a greeting card may not be like a regular gift and may only be a small card, but this card has immense mental prowess. The greeting card provides an enduring mental gift that instantly induces a smile, happiness, and affection in the recipient. The card tells the recipient that there is someone out there who cares, remembers, and is thinking of you. There is no other $2-$3 gift that can cause such an immense mental connection and happiness.

The greeting card like any other present is considered a gift because there is no expectation from the giver for anything in return. There is no quid pro quo or a give and take; the greeting card comes from the sender’s heart and its value is in the thoughts and the message. Likewise, the recipient does not have to do anything in return; the card is simply accepted as a gift that came from someone who was thinking about the receiver.

If you ever want to send an enduring gift, consider a greeting card. To make the ‘gift’ special, make an effort to add something extra or write something special rather than the usual’ happy birthday’ or ‘get well soon.’ The more effort you put into it, the more special the card becomes. And if you really want to put the icing on the cake, insert a ten or twenty dollar bill- and you and your card will be remembered forever.

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