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About Us

You Go Girl is a greeting card company dedicated to melanatedwomen and girls who deserve special notes just for them. This cardcompany was designed to fill the missing space in the greeting cardmarket and appeal to millions of women of color throughout theworld. It’s our mission to provide greeting cards on many retail shelvesthat represent the person purchasing it and/or receiving it.

At You Go Girl, we believe ALL women are unique and special, butthese cards are especially for the women who are often overlookedand underrepresented. This does NOT mean these cards areexclusively for any one type of woman; a heartfelt greeting card issimply just that. We want to help all demographics of people haveaccess to greeting cards that align with their culture and heritage. Attimes, niche greeting cards for brown women can be hard to find, butnot anymore!

Our dream is to make a difference in the lives of millions of beautifulbrown women around the world and bring smiles to very deservingfaces. If you know a woman doing the damn thing, gift her a card tosay, “You Go, Girl!”

Founder & CEO

Shanley Simpson

You Go Girl Co., a new greeting card company made for her. She has spent most of her career owning and operating Opportune Independent PublishingCo., a successful independent publishing company in Dallas, TX. She is a seasoned author and has built a career in writing, which made for an easy transition to writing and designing greeting cards. Over the years, Shanley identified that there was a gap in the greeting card industry and who else better to fill it than an author and publisher? She went on to launch You Go Girl Co. and fill it with underrepresented features and profiles of black and brown people.

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continued, Shanley decided to use her newfound spare time to grow this new business venture and fulfill a personal mission to do her part as it relates to the long-standing social gaps in society. Her dream is to help fill in those spaces, one card at a time.

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