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Bringing back writing in cards


After nearly two decades of virtual cards brought via the courtesy of the internet, there is a demand for printed cards, and for good reason. There are an endless number of virtual greeting cards online but the majority are not much more than spam. They clog up the internet, carry little personal meaning, and appear trashy. And there is general agreement among consumers that virtual greeting cards have little sentimental value. Most recipients open the virtual card, barely read what is inside, and dump it into the trash box.

There was a time when it was felt that the introduction of the internet would kill the printed greeting card industry- how wrong those so-called experts were; today there is a resurgence in the purchase of printed cards. For the past decade, consumers have been buying close to 4.5 billion greeting cards – and this is only in the USA. Why do consumers prefer printed greeting cards?

  1. They are tangible, meaning they have a physical presence. Just like red roses, greeting cards are the real deal and reveal your appreciation. You can place the greeting card on your desk and will always be reminded who sent it to you.
  2. Someone is thinking of you: There is no question about it- a greeting card tells you that someone is thinking about you; it is a personal touch. Someone has made the extra effort to tell you that you are outstanding and wants to make you feel extra special
  3. You can sense the feeling: when you receive a greeting card before you even open it, you can sense that extra special feeling that you are loved. Greeting cards can put a smile on your face instantly and will make your day.
  4. Enduring: No matter what the occasion or your age, a greeting card is enduring and has that special warmth. The card will last for a long time, but the memories will be etched forever.
  5. Versatile: A printed greeting card is versatile; you can write, draw and decorate it in any way you want. You can make it as unique as you want; you can even place a small flower inside the card or a twenty-dollar bill- and it will be forever appreciated.


If one of your friends or a family member has an anniversary, birthday, or recovering from surgery, try sending a greeting card; it can do wonders. One of the best places to buy greeting cards is from You Go Girl Co.

The card choices are endless and there is a card for every occasion. You will not be disappointed.