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Greeting card vs text


Today almost everyone has a smartphone and millions of people use it to text their friends and family members every single day. No doubt sending a text message is fast, convenient, and very cheap; but does that mean that the days of the greeting card are over? Nope.

Today we have numerous choices when it comes to communications including the phone, texting, email, postcards, greeting cards, and so on. While the world has gone hi-tech, rest assured there is still room for the older forms of communication including greeting cards. Sure, it is fun to receive an emoji-filled text but a handwritten note on a greeting card appears more sincere and loving. The best way to decide when it is better to text or send a greeting card depends on your relationship with the recipient; for example, it is okay to send a text to your friends on most occasions but for family, nothing beats a greeting card. For example, your mother, father, grandparents, and children would love to receive a greeting card on their birthday or wedding anniversaries compared to a text message as it is more formal, affectionate, and comes from the heart.

When it comes to saying thank you, then the general rule of the thumb is that a greeting card cannot be replaced with text; You can never thank someone enough- and having it all down on paper reveals sincerity. There is no better way of expressing gratitude than by sending a greeting card- in almost every case where you need to thank someone, you will never go wrong with a printed card.

Similarly, other scenarios where a greeting card is preferred to a text message is in the following situations:

  • Receiving a gift: If you receive a birthday/wedding/anniversary gift, then it is tacky to send a thank you via text message. While a greeting card is not mandatory, sending a greeting card reveals your sincerity and appreciation; and the sender of the gift will be touched. It also reveals that you have made an effort to reply.
  • Job Interview: Following a job interview, the best way to thank the manager or human resources is with a decent greeting card. It reveals that you have appreciated their time and are dearly interested in the job. A thank you note via a greeting card will make your application stand out with distinction.
  • Death: If there is a death in your family or in your friend’s family, a condolence card is better than a text message. Sympathy cards are the norm for such events; if you send a text message to offer your sympathies, it may not feel as personal or receptive.
  • Father’s or Mother’s Day: Hands down, a greeting card reigns supreme when it comes to these two annual events. Many fathers and mothers cherish the cards they have been given for decades because they are full of meaning and memories.
  • Get invited: If you ever get invited to a friend’s cottage or a vacation trip, then the next way to thank that person is with a greeting card spiced with photos of the trip and saying it was the best trip you had in a long time.
  • An apology is an exception: If you ever need to apologize to someone, then call the person; do not text or send a greeting card as it reveals that you may not be sincere and are avoiding the person

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