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How receiving a greeting affects people


The internet has overall been a good thing for most people but it also has a few negatives. Making all things virtual has also led to a loss of the intimate touch and feelings for others. And this is best exemplified by a greeting card. Receiving a greeting card with a handwritten note carries more sentiments and meaning than any virtual card. For decades people used to treasure the greeting cards they received for their birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events.

When a person takes time out to write down his or her personal feelings and appreciation for another person is proof that the writer genuinely cares, and the impact for the recipient is enormous. But there is much more to a greeting card than wishing someone a happy birthday or joyful anniversary. Unlike a virtual card, a greeting card is a tangible asset that can be preserved and helps keep the human connection alive. The handwritten messages can lead to lifelong relationships because they are personal and reflect value.

The greeting card allows you to express your gratitude in your own words and no matter what words you select, writing it out shows that you care and are thinking about the other person.

We all lead busy lives and have numerous responsibilities; but in the midst of all that, if you take time to write your thoughts on a greeting card and mail it, your impact is immeasurable; not only does the greeting card provide an affirmation that you are thinking of that person but it provides reassurance that the recipient is not alone-that there is someone out there who has not forgotten you. And this message often stays with the recipient for a long time, sometimes their entire life.

Greeting cards with handwritten words is not a novel practice but much like the Latin language, it has become a dead art form as a means of communication. The internet has made us lazy because with the click of a button we can send any message we like but the impact of virtual greetings is short-lived and does not create any memories. On the other hand, a greeting card is a physical object that can be assessed by hand; this tactile mode of communication can be immensely touching compared to a digital message. Most recipients can positively recall the time they received a greeting card.

So if you want to wish someone a birthday, a happy anniversary or a get-well message, there is no better way than sending a greeting card. The majority of recipients are thrilled to get greeting cards and usually cherish them forever. Finally, always take the time to clearly express your written words. Although a phone call is appreciated, when you write words with a personal message, it often leaves an enduring warmth as well as having positive cognitive and psychological benefits.