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Sending a sympathy card


When someone close to you dies, sending a sympathy card may sound right, but writing the right words can be difficult. There is always the worry that you may say the wrong thing and offend the recipient. The right words can help ease the pain of having lost a loved one and it can also help the grieving individual feel supported and loved.

So what sort of words can you write to comfort the family of the deceased?

First, there are never ‘perfect; words for a sympathy card, and you may have to wiggle your sentences. But in any case, here are some tips that may help you write a heartfelt note to someone who is grieving.

Second, read the printed sympathy card and know what it says- you do not have to repeat the same words.

Third, keep the message short because the words in the card may have expressed the message you want to send or you may have not known the decedent well. Whatever the reason, a sympathy card should be brief, but at the same time, it should be caring, supportive, and warm.

Short sentences that you may want to add to the sympathy card:

‘I am going to miss him or her.’

‘I am very sorry for your loss.’

‘Sending you my warmest and comforting hugs.’

‘I am sorry for your loss; I am sending prayers for healing.’

‘I am very sad to hear that your father/mother/sister passed away. My deepest sympathy.’

“I am keeping your family in my prayers and thoughts.’

“I am fondly thinking of you and hope you are okay.’

‘You have my unwavering support and deepest sympathy.’

‘At this difficult time, my heart goes out to you and your family’

Choose your words properly and keep the sentence short. It really does not matter what type of sympathy message you send, but it has to be warm and caring. Finally, if you only knew the deceased but not his or her family to whom you are sending the sympathy card, write a few words to explain your link to the deceased (i.e. from work, school or college).

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