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Signing your name vs a message on a card


Many people buy a greeting card and send it without adding any words and some do not even sign it.

Is there proper etiquette when you send a family member or a friend a greeting card for whatever occasion, that you should sign it and/or say a few extra words?

Well, experts say it all depends on your relationship with the recipient. A great many senders send the card unaltered, some add their signature and others add a few extra words and add in their signature. Hands down, recipients love it when the sender adds in a few words and adds his or her signature- it adds sincerity and authenticity to the card. Sending a card without a signature is impersonal and immediately reflects poorly on the sender- it shows that the sender only sent the card as a formality.

First, always add the name of the recipient on top of the printed message because it appears more sincere and heartfelt. With the name of the recipient, the card becomes more personal.

But what about adding a few words to the printed card? Most experts say that adding a few choice words impart a greater meaning to the card. Most recipients would like to read more than what is already printed on the card- they want that special warm and loving message from you that will make them feel good for the rest of the day. Some senders will add an extra love greeting and others will write more than a paragraph on the card- the key is to not write a very long message because it may lose its meaning; recipients just want a few kind words to let them know that you are thinking about him or her.

In general, do not use a pencil to write on the greeting card, it looks cheap and tacky; use an ink or a ballpoint pen and select the appropriate color- usually black or blue.

Finally, can more than one person sign the card? Sure, the sender and his/her entire family can sign the card and it makes it extra special for the recipient.

If the card is sent to a distant acquaintance or someone at work, the name and a signature will suffice.

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