Color Me Brown: Boys Special Edition

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Color Me Brown – a coloring book tailored just for you, boys! Each page showcases the spirit of young boys with diverse shades of skin, excited to embrace their unique styles and features. Crafted to elevate your self-assurance and self-worth, this coloring book is a fantastic addition to any young African American boy’s collection!

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Immerse yourself in images of captivating and enjoyable activities that will nurture your confidence, spark your creativity, and amplify your self-esteem as you add your personal touch with color. Color Me Brown presents an exciting avenue to break free from the challenges and demands of the world.

Fed up with the usual coloring books? Color Me Brown stands as an African American Coloring Book that honors young boys with diverse shades. Our innovative activity book, suitable for all ages, is a must-have for every little brother, cousin, nephew, and son! Whether you’re 5 or 35, this book empowers you to embrace your identity and elevate your self-assurance, celebrating the wonderful spectrum of your uniqueness!


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